About Whooshfly

Whooshfly is a mission-driven company dedicated to delivering the glory days of air travel to modern adventurers.

Whooshfly is more than an app.

We are a trusted community marketplace connecting travelers to small aircraft owners, operators and pilots in one easy-to-use platform.

Whether you’re flying solo or with your squad, for work or for play, Whooshfly allows you to request and book a trip in a fun, seamless way.

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Share the experience

Most everyone would agree that traveling is more fun with friends. If you want to share your trip (and split the cost), Whooshfly allows you to crowd source your itinerary on your social network or to the public. Our proprietary and fully integrated system helps divide the cost of a private charter, making it a viable option for anyone. You won’t be obligated to pay a cent until you lock down the desired number of additional passengers for your trip.

We’re here to disrupt the aviation industry and make flying social, convenient, reliable and fun, just as it should be.

Download Whooshfly for iOS and start planning your next trip. Don’t worry – we’ll be available for Android later this year.

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With a dedicated concierge staff, a state of the art web-based and mobile platform, certified pilots and a rapidly growing network of vetted Part 135 certified operators (ensuring the industry standard of safety, insurance and experience), Whooshfly is once again making air travel social, convenient, reliable and fun.