You’re already aware of the benefits of flying private. You may even be familiar with the Whooshfly platform – a revolutionary system that’s taking the industry by storm. But our premier concierge service, Whooshfly Elite™, sets a new standard in the private aviation industry.


What makes Whooshfly Elite™
the smart solution for savvy travelers?

No membership fee: pay only for the cost of the flights that you book on-demand, plus a minimal service fee, and enjoy the benefits of private travel without any upfront membership fees or subscriptions (unlike our competitors).
Priority access: as a Whooshfly Elite™ member, you’ll receive priority access to a dedicated trip manager. They’ll prioritize your flight requests over standard users, providing an expedited, on-demand booking process.
Flight sharing: our platform enables you to source fellow passengers from your own social network, in case you want to invite friends or colleagues to share the experience. You can also share flights with other business travelers who need to travel to the same destination as you.
Personalized experience: our customized travel plans extract the best value for your time and money. Your trip manager will proactively notify you with important, time-sensitive details related to your travel, such as weather information, last-minute deals, places to stay at your destination, and more!
Whooshfly Elite™ is designed to meet the needs of private flyers who understand that their time is valuable, and who want greater control over their travel experience. That’s why we’ll get you from the plane to the boardroom and back in time for dinner, with unmatched luxury and service along the way.
To learn more about Whooshfly Elite™, and to find out if you qualify, visit whooshfly.com/concierge
You can reach us by phone at 844.777.7654, extension one.