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Our Process

Whooshfly’s platform makes private flight a viable option for the masses. How? Helping people share private flights by pooling their money to cover the cost of a trip they couldn’t afford alone.

While the pooling concept may not be brand new, the platform’s ability to crowd source through users’ own social networks is.

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How customers find you

Simple: through their Whooshfly app. When they enter their flight request, we’ll field it to the operators who fly to and from their desired cities.

That means, the more people download Whooshfly’s app, the more your customer base grows – and you don’t have to spend a dime.

How you’ll receive and respond to bids

After a traveler enters their flight request, all operators that fly from the traveler’s departure airport receive an email notification. Operators can then bid on the request by submitting a quote for the trip. The traveler then selects their favorite bid and enters into a binding agreement with the operator.

Travelers may enter the agreement with a group of people or individually, and it’s all handled via the app. Payment is processed upfront and, when the day of the trip arrives, the operator and pilot are reminded of the commitment.

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Our Operator Interface

Our web-based interface for operators is user friendly and highly intuitive. Use it to find and respond to requests for bids, sign and send contracts, assign flights to pilots, process payment, manage flight schedules and more. In the near future, you’ll even be able advertise empty leg flights for increased profitability.

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