Several Aviation Companies Powered by WhooshflyTM to offer same-day, round-trip flights from

Tampa to Tallahassee

Say ‘Hello’ to Better Travel!
Avoid driving 4-5 hours (one way) to get to the Capitol. Imagine the productivity you can gain by flying! Best of all, you can be there in fewer than 90 minutes.
Say “buh-bye” to the slow, cumbersome hassles associated with commercial air travel. Skip the long lines, delays, connections, overbooking issues and long walks through the terminal.
Conduct your business or government affairs in Tallahassee during business hours and be home in time for dinner.
Why Whooshfly?
  • Whooshfly offers the platform to enable selected FAA-certified operators to offer same-day, round-trip flights between Tampa and Tallahassee on small single and twin-engine aircrafts (and yes, a couple of jets too!).
  • You can fly in and out of two small executive airports with free parking and short lines.
  • Using Whooshfly’s proprietary “flight-sharing” app, you can get there at a fraction of the cost of a private charter.
What do You Get?
Stress-Free Flying
All the comforts and convenience of private travel, including complimentary Wifi or entertainment systems.
Get There Fast
Travel time is cut down to 1.15 to 1.75 hours per leg.
Avoid Traffic
No sitting in rush hour traffic, or getting stuck on I-10 in a traffic jam.
VIP Flying
Fly like a VIP and pay as you go: no yearly membership fees or inflated hourly fees that our competitors typically charge.
Still Not Convinced?
Type of Flight Coach Business / First Class Private Charter
(based on a 3 seat – single engine plane)
Whooshfly Flight-Sharing Center*
Average Cost Per Passenger* $500 $750 $2,400 $800
Average Total
Travel Time*
3+ Hours 3+ Hours 1.5 Hours 1.5 Hours
*Numbers above are estimates only. Prices may vary depending on aircraft type and fluctuations of demand at the time of booking.
** Duration may vary due to aircraft, weather and traffic patterns during actual flight. ***Taxes and fees are not reflected on these estimates.
How Flight-Sharing Works

The privacy, productivity, efficiency and convenience make flying private a smarter (and let’s be honest – more exciting) option when traveling for business or leisure. With Whooshfly’s flight-sharing platform, it’s more affordable than ever!

Here’s how it works:

  • Request a new flight for yourself: enter your itinerary.
  • Compare quotes from qualified and FAA-certified operators.
  • Select the flights that work best for you and your crew:
    • Committed “Flight-Share” – Book the flight whether other people join you or not. Every time someone books a seat, you get refunded for that person’s share.
    • Un-committed “Flight-Share” – The flight is booked only after it is filled to capacity. You are not committed until that time.
  • Post on our Bulletin Board (Trip Share™)

We know this is a totally new, revolutionary concept, so feel free to call or email us:

We will be glad to walk you through the system.

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