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Just a short hop from Jacksonville or Tampa, Tallahassee is the capital of the Sunshine State. Tallahassee is a college town, the state capital, a center for agriculture and trade, nestled in the middle of the Florida Panhandle – giving it more moderate temperatures than the rest of the state.

With well-preserved historical sites, curvy canopy roads, plenty of golf courses and fine dining – Tallahassee is a place to visit with your family and friends – and with Whooshfly ™ you can jet off to your heart’s content!

Some of the many exploration opportunities include:

  • Motorcycle Rentals – Get in some “air time” by renting a motorcycle and traveling down one of the nine canopy roads in Tallahassee. Each one offers a distinct landscape, moss-covered trees, and compact, winding roads.
  • Golfing – There are over ten public and private golf courses in the Tallahassee area, so while your family is touring the State Capitol – you can slip off for a round or two.  Check here for open tee times and golf course locations.
  • Historical Landmarks – For a sneak peek of the historic sites in Tallahassee go to the Tallahassee Trust. From this site, you can preview local historic properties and download guides and walking tours for the local area.
  • Outdoor Adventures – For the outside trekker, the Tallahassee Museum is a 52-acre, natural campus. Visitors can observe wildlife from an elevated wood foot path – watching alligators and panthers in their natural environment. The Tallahassee Tree to Tree Adventures , housed at the museum, provides visitors with the opportunity to zip line through a variety of rugged nature settings.
  • Open Air Markets & Arts Galleries – The city manages a busy calendar of festivals, holiday celebrations and other year-round things to do.

Downtown Tallahassee is home to a seasonal open-air market held on Saturdays in Ponce de Leon Park where you can find arts and crafts, plants and organic produce. The Downtown Market is amazing, enhanced by live music and author readings.Why not delight in the undiscovered adventures at hand? There are plenty of places to try and explore and with a private charter, you can bring along your family and your clubs, without the excess baggage fees! Use the Whooshfly™ app to book your travel today!

In the Whooshfly™ app, click “Request a Quote” and enter your trip details (departure city, destination, desired dates and times, preference for aircraft size or type, etc.).

Then, you’ll have three options to choose:

  1.  If you want to fly alone or exclusively with friends or family, select Private;
  2. If you want to reserve a flight and allow Whooshfly™ to locate additional passengers to share the flight with you, select Committed Flight-Share;
  3. If you want to fill the empty seats on your flight with people from your social network (or other Whooshfly™ users) before committing to the trip, select Uncommitted Flight-Share.

Your request will be sent to all charter operators in your area who will then have eight hours to respond with a quote. Whooshfly™ will notify you each time a quote comes in, and then you can select the best option for your unique travel needs.

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