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Most people live in the Sunshine State because of the quality of life – long, lazy afternoons by the river – the summer heat shimmering on the water. Nights at the local fish camp, talking with friends – enjoying the view and the food.  Time with family, quality of life, limited urban sprawl, Florida has a lot to offer.

It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.–Philip Green

But for those of us travelers on the “Sunshine Triangle” – Jacksonville to Tallahassee, Tallahassee to Tampa, Tampa to Jacksonville – short hops of less than 300 miles — our nights of leisure are often superseded by the unnecessary overnight portion of our trips.

Those 45-minute flights turn into hours when you add travel back and forth to the airport, time in line, and unproductive time is waiting for airplanes to arrive and depart.

We’re told it’s more cost effective to use commercial airlines – but the truth is, wear and tear on ourselves as travelers, the excess time required by TSA, hotel rooms, rental cars, drives to the airport and back out again – these factors and more make commercial airlines less cost effective.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry – 1/3 of the 307.2 billion dollars spent on business travel last year was spent in the M, E and I categories – that’s a lot of money saved if the duration of your trip is shortened.  Private travel booked through

Private travel booked through Whooshfly™ can guarantee same day trips with no TSA lines and VIP Concierge Service, allowing you to maximize your time spent on work, and minimize the time spent on travel.

Join the Gang – Alone a private chartered flight can be a bit costly – but how often do you end up at the same meeting with a coworker or two? Or, even the same five or six people coming from the same town – but from different businesses?  With Whooshfly’s™ Uncommitted Flight-share (your assistant fills the flight), you may have four to six other travelers on your plane – absolutely the best time to have that one on one meeting with a coworker or to work freely on your laptop.  If you choose the Committed Flight-Share option, Whooshfly™ will fill the flight for you – guaranteeing the lowest rate, but not who you travel with.

Fly, be Free – With fewer people on your flights, you are less susceptible to airborne illnesses, which are the plague of the Road Warrior.  Getting sick less often is going to increase your productive time – which means company profits will increase as well. The private flight charter agent is going to remember your needs, even if your assistant forgets.

Your Time Has Value –  Most frequent business travelers are in their late 40’s and operating at the executive level.   When you consider the value of a high-level executive’s time – the cost-benefit analysis for a private jet may quickly become more economical than a commercial aircraft.

Count the Costs – Still looking for that cost- benefit analysis?  Use the factors in this flight cost analysis to help compare the costs.  Then book your next flight on Whooshfly™ and enjoy the ride!

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