Road Warrior–Business Travel Simplified

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A Day in the Life as a Business Traveler

The suitcase is packed, in fact – it’s never truly unpacked.

Monday morning is looming – 45-minute drive to the airport, check-in 2 hours early, 4 a.m. is too early for any travel – especially for an hour-long flight. You’ve already wasted 3 hours.

Then, on the other end, disembarking, hauling the carry-on and briefcase across the terminal and getting the rental car.

By then, you’ve already put in a 5-hour day, and it’s just begun. Work all week and turn around on Friday to do it all over again.

It’s a {New} Day in the Life as a Business Traveler

As a Road Warrior, you’re used to the constant hustle and bustle of travel – but wouldn’t it be nice to cut the wasted time? Wouldn’t it be nice if the plane was waiting for you – instead of vice versa?

Much of the time used in commercial business travel based on the schedules of the airlines, TSA regulations, hub locations and the like. You work around their schedules – they don’t work around you.

But if you’re like any other person who spends most of their time going – it would be nice to have some accommodation for your schedule. Then you could spend more time with your reasons why you work and less on getting to work.

Negotiating Your Limo in the Sky. With three types of reservations, Whooshfly™ is the ultimate connection service for elite business travel.

So how does it work?


In the Whooshfly™ app (iTunes), click “Request a Quote” and enter your trip details (departure city, destination, desired dates and times, preference for aircraft size or type, etc.).


Then, you’ll have three options to choose from:

  1. If you want to fly alone or exclusively with friends and/or family, select Private.
  2. If you want to reserve a flight and allow Whooshfly™ to locate additional passengers to share the flight with you, select Committed Flight-Share.
  3. If you want to fill the seats on your flight with people from your social network, or other Whooshfly™ users, before committing to the trip; select Uncommitted Flight-Share.

Your request will be sent to all charter operators in your area who will then have eight hours to respond with a quote. Whooshfly™ will notify you each time a quote comes in, and then you can select the best option for your unique travel needs.

We don’t leave without you. With private air travel the opportunities to increase your time with family and friends abound, and if you’re running a few minutes late – the plane waits for you.

Concierge at your fingertips. Keep in touch with your Whooshfly™ app.

Running late? Weather bad? Bringing the Family? Whatever your special needs are, this is a charter flight, and the owners and operators are willing to work for you.

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