The Top 5 Reasons to Fly Private

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Did you know that if you can afford a first class ticket on a commercial flight, then you can afford to fly private? In some cases flying private can even be the same cost as a coach seat! Depending on how many people you have traveling with you, chartering a private plane can actually save money. But the cost does vary greatly, and it’s definitely not for everyone. For the sake of this blog post, let’s put cost aside and focus on the other benefits of flying private. If you have the means, you’ll soon realize that renting your very own very light jet makes for an unmatched travel experience.

1. Less time on the ground…and in the air Time is money, and it’s also the biggest reason people decide to fly private. Since you don’t have to deal with long security lines and TSA pat downs, you can arrive at the airport just minutes before your flight takes off. And instead of waiting for the dreaded baggage carousel at your destination, just toss your bags into your vehicle as soon as you deplane. Also, private charters aren’t restricted to certain airports like commercial airlines, meaning you’ll fly direct as long as your aircraft has the fuel capacity to reach your destination. If your destination is far removed from the nearest metropolitan area, flying private allows you to eliminate the round-trip driving time to and from the airport. Want to go somewhere really remote? A light jet will get you there so much faster! Finally, smaller jets are designed to fly at higher altitudes than large commercial aircraft, meaning they can fly above air traffic and bad weather. This allows the jets to fly a more direct route since they don’t have to navigate around other planes in the sky. Additionally, very light jets ascend more quickly than big planes, saving even more time. When comparing the prices of a private flight and a commercial flight, be sure to account for the time (and headache) you’ll save during the trip. The more you value your time, the more money you’ll save by flying private.

2. Amenities for miles There really is no comparison between the comfort of flying private and even a first class seat on a commercial plane. Private jet charters provide a personalized experience for their passengers, and they’ll go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Sure, flying first class comes with amenities, but not at the same scale and personalization as a private charter. Whatever it takes to make your trip more comfortable, the charter company will be prepared to accommodate your needs. You can request just about anything prior to your trip, and they’ll have it waiting for you as soon as you’re in your seat. And it may seem trivial, but having a more comfortable seat and more legroom is an added bonus. You’ll be able to hit the ground running because you didn’t spend hours trapped in the middle seat of a cramped cabin with strangers on either side of you! Arrive fresh and ready to take on your next adventure or meeting.

3. Your pet (or other important cargo) can join you If you have a faithful, four-legged companion, then this perk is self-explanatory. While commercial airlines can charge outrageous fees to bring Fido along, it’s not an issue on most private charters. Flying privately allows you to bring not only your pet, but your golf clubs, skis, music or business equipment and any other bulky items that are otherwise difficult to travel with. Plus, you don’t have to worry about such precious items getting lost during layovers and you’ll know all will arrive in one piece.

4. Safety is still a top priority Statistics from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) indicate that flying private is only slightly riskier than flying commercial, and the number of accidents is declining every year. While general aviation (private-use aircraft) flight hours were up in 2015, the total number of accidents was down, from 1,223 in 2014 to 1,209, as was the rate of accidents per 100,000 flight hours. According to Doug Gollan, editor-in-chief of DG Amazing Experiences, a newsletter for private jet owners and passengers, “Most major fleet operators that own and operate their aircraft have spotless records. Most of the fleet on the charter market is used by the owner and chartered when he or she is not using it, so obviously the aircraft owners want maintenance and pilots at a high standard.” “Whooshfly’s commitment to safety is unwavering,” said Joel Relova, CEO of Whooshfly. “We only contract with certified operators, so our passengers can rest assure that they are in the safest hands in aviation allowing them to truly enjoy all the comforts of their flight.”

5. Unmatched flexibility When you charter a private plane, you don’t have to worry about getting left behind. The pilot won’t take off until you’re buckled in your seat and ready to go. You can also secure a trip at the last minute when you fly private, unlike commercial flights that fill up months in advance or charge an outrageous fee for last minute plans. What’s more, if inclement weather presents a threat to your travel plans, small jets can easily adjust their route in order to get you where you need to be. There are many alternative airports that the planes can fly into, and if the best option is to just wait it out, they can do that too. So, if you value your time and comfort, then flying private is definitely the way to go. And with companies like Whooshfly, the joys of private flight are becoming more accessible and affordable every day.

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